Outriders recently got a big update that was geared at making all the fan-requested updates since launch. The good news is that, for those looking for big deals on games, Outriders is on offer through quite a few different Black Friday sales that are seeing half off or more of the regular asking price. Right after the New Horizon update is impeccable timing.

Outriders was met with mostly positive reviews when it hit store shelves earlier this spring, though it's lost a bit of momentum due to some technical issues, endgame issues, and other game releases. With Transmog, untimed Expeditions, and a lot of other tweaks, the new Horizon Update is a good way of luring new players in and bringing old players back. Now, those new players can get the game and jump in for less than $20 at a number of different retailers.


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Whether talking about the PS4/PS5 or the Xbox versions of the game, both editions are at least half off, with some bigger deals for those who are willing to dig deeper. While there isn't a ton of difference between the Black Friday sales, severe deal hunters can save a couple of bucks.


Target and Best Buy are technically offering Outriders for the highest price as both retailers' discounts have the game at $19.99 for either edition. Other platforms have it even cheaper, like Walmart, for $19.93, which at a six cents difference really only impacts those who want to shop at a specific retailer already.

GameStop is also offering the new versions of Outriders for that odd $19.93 price point, but the retailer is also offering another discount for those who don't mind a used game. GameStop has preowned versions at the additionally discounted price of $18.99 for both versions.


There is always a caveat when it comes to any of these Black Friday deals because there are bound to be more than a few deal hunters out there looking for the best price on all sorts of different games. Those who rest on their laurels and don't pounce on the deep discounts that are on offer right away might find themselves left in the dust. Especially because these are all physical copies, it's a safe bet that every retailer is going to have a limited number in stock and it's possible they could sell out quickly.

Outriders is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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