Quit Smoking and Decrease Payday Loan Reliance

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Smokers have heard it all before: smoking is bad for your health, smoking makes you look older, smoking smells bad, etc. Yet, fewer smokers may realize how bad smoking cigarettes is for your finances. Cigarettes are expensive, ranging from $4.00 to $11.00 per pack, depending on what state you’re in. Because cigarettes are highly addictive, usage generally increases over time, meaning that individuals end up buying more as time goes on. Additionally, the addictive nature of cigarettes inspires regular usage, leading to recurrent costs that can seriously damage one’s budget.
Assuming that a pack of cigarettes costs around $5.00 (New York’s $11.00 packs skew the average) and that smokers consume one pack per day, a smoker will spend $150.00 per month on cigarettes alone. This recurrent cost is higher than many other monthly bills, such as cell phones, cable services, and utilities, demonstrating that smoking can be a burden on one’s health and one’s wallet.
Recurrent costs are often the most damaging to one’s budget. In fact, most payday loans are borrowed to cover recurrent monthly costs; since cigarettes fall into this category, reduction in cigarette consumption may result in less payday loan reliance.
Furthermore, smoking costs individuals money because it damages their health. Payday loans are often utilized to cover medical expenses and smokers are more susceptible to illnesses that range from the common cold to cancer and heart disease. Even more telling, medical bills are the primary cause of bankruptcies in the United States. Clearly, smoking has the potential to be a serious financial burden if left unchecked.
But, admittedly, quitting smoking isn’t easy. In fact, the American Cancer Society reports that 70% of adult smokers want to quit smoking and 40% try to quit smoking every year. Yet, only one in ten smokers actually kick the habit, and usually only after multiple attempts. While the addictive nature of nicotine is the primary reason that smoking is so hard to quit, there are many factors that influence a smoker’s successful transition into a smoke-free lifestyle.
Social factors and psychological habits have a significant influence on a smoker’s ability to stop. Being around smokers makes it far more difficult to quit, while habits, such as having a cigarette after dinner, are so ingrained in one’s routine that going without feels incredibly foreign. But, all hope is not lost. Resources and tips are available to help one secure a smoke-free lifestyle and the health and financial benefits that come along with it.
*The first step to a smoke-free lifestyle is identifying why you want to stop and what is keeping you from stopping. Identifying triggers will help you to avoid temptation, while identifying your reasons for quitting will help you to stay motivated.
*Next, set a quitting date and stick to it.
*Research and utilize the products available to help an individual stop smoking, such as nicotine patches and gums.
*When temptations arise, choose a healthy alternative. Health professionals suggest that while kicking the habit a soon-to-be-ex-smoker should keep herbal tea, nuts, and cinnamon toothpicks on hand to replace cigarettes. Because a great deal of the smoking addiction is habitual, having something to replace a cigarette at the normal times one would smoke helps keep one on track. The aforementioned substitutes engage the same hand and mouth sensations as cigarettes.
Start a savings account with all the money that you would be spending on cigarettes and reward yourself with a special trip or item after a year of smoke-free living.
While quitting will not be easy, the health and financial benefits are worth the effort. Being financially healthy is just as important and A responsible payday loan lender promotes a healthy budget. We advocate for responsible lending and borrowing. We only lend to consumers who are able to repay their loan with their next paycheck.

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